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A free initial consultation with Brenda Laurent is available for every student.  If all agree that the program would benefit the student, a comprohensive 5 hour test, 2 hour conference, and individualized plan can be arranged.  


This program is tailored to meet the learning skills and needs of your child.  Testing is required before beginning this program to look at the specific way your child's brain functions, and to establish strengths and weaker areas that need support.  The student is scheduled into our Talent Zone during the study hall period at our Dallas location and works one-on-one with a trainer.  Parents are contacted on a regular basis to discuss the program and progress being made.  Students earn .05 elective credits for each semester.      

Homeschool Pilot Program


As a former homeschool parent herself, Brenda strives to be a facilitator to homeschool parents and their children.  Because of this, she and her daughter Katherine started a homeschool pilot program in 2015 as

a means of supporting the community.  The program is a co-op facilitated by Brenda where parents

work hands on with their kids using the newest brain exercises and techniques for the betterment of their children's learning capabilities and successes.      

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