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Reach For Success

Schools teach you what to learn.  We teach you how to learn.


Brenda Laurent- Executive Director




My Husband and I were blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, both of them unique and precious.  One of our daughters soared through the school experience.  She met each academic challenge and conquered all subject matters.  Yes, sometimes she had to work a bit more on a subject than she did on others, but "success in school" was the language she lived and spoke.  Our other daughter was as different as night and day in her performance.  Things were out of "sync" for her.  It didn't matter how hard she tried... or what school she attended... or whether we homeschooled... school learning and expectations left her feeling tired and discouraged.  What puzzled us was that she was just as intelligent as her sister.  We struggled to help her in school and provide support in her school work.  Nothing seemed to be reaching the root of the problem, so I embarked on a search to help her find a way to become successful.  

This journey meant exploring resources and attending workshops.  It meant spending thousands of dollars in being trained in various programs and approaches.  It meant finding a few things that worked, and a lot of things that didn't.  Eventually, I found myself focusing on programs that reflected the most currently brain research and that all had the common thread - the emphasis on what was happening in the brain as learning took place and the ways blocks or glitches could be smoothed away so learning could be more efficient. My daughter graduated high school and went off to college.  My mission for her was at an end, but I was ready to use these programs to help other children and families who were experiencing what we had gone through.  

By this time I was running an after school tutoring program at a Lutheran school where I was teaching math and remedial math.  Working with the school, I began a pilot program to begin implementing these programs with a few students to see if we could turn things around for them.  My learning program seemed to develop a life of its own, expanding to offer training and help throughout the school day.  We began to expand to help students outside of our school setting and then opened a summer program.  5 years ago, we opened our Austin location to be able to help more students across the state of Texas.  

I find my work with students and parents has not slowed down.  There is always new research being done and new programs to evaluate.  The most important thing to me is being able to offer hope to the frustrated learner and their parents.  There is something that can be done to smooth out learning obstacles and unlock the potential for learning.  There is something that will help, and I want to share that something.  I want to share the hope that I gained on my own journey.               

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